A comparison of my camera original vs the finale photograph. • #mikos • #photography • #art

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I was asked what my originals look like compared to my final output. I shoot very flat, preferring a low contrast original. Especially on the OtherWorld series of photographic works. I don’t always shoot flat with my other work and it’s definitely not the only approach to capture an image either. However a lot of my work benefits with this approach. In the above example from my OtherWorld series you can see how the image transforms once the values I desired were applied.

I get a lot of inquires as well about what brand cameras, gear or software I use. As for camera gear I’m brand agnostic. I like many brands for different purposes and all sorts of different camera systems as well. Some very old by todays standards, and for good reason since I like to modify my gear physically or electronically so I can find a look that I’m after.

The one tool I use the least is Photoshop in my photographic work. I use Photoshop for either fixing an error that could be a defect from a film scan or a sensor issue. I also use levels and curves to balance out the image as mentioned above since I shoot for a low contrast image. I crop rarely since I make a strong effort on capturing a leveled composition on location. I hope that answers some of the inquires and if you have any questions feel free to ask me anytime. – MIKOS

More of my work can be found on my Instagram or Twitter @MIKOSarts



MIkos Paintings and Artworks


otherworld_10_by_mikos_arts_rydengo_mikos_michael_pappas-lho-lhoart_-mikosarts-_rydengo-com_lhoarts_thesilencer-thesilencers-artist_mikos-lho-art-photographer-love-honor-obey otherworld_9_by_mikos_arts_rydengo_mikos_michael_pappas-lho-lhoart_-mikosarts-_rydengo-com_lhoarts_thesilencer-thesilencers-artist_mikos-lho-art-photographer-love-honor-obey otherworld_14_by_mikos_arts_rydengo_mikos_michael_pappas-lho-lhoart_-mikosarts-_rydengo-com_lhoarts_thesilencer-thesilencers-artist_mikos-lho-art-photographer-love-honor-obey


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